Sunday, September 23, 2012

Matt Bomer as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey

I was able to read several articles stating why Matt Bomer does not qualify to play as Christian Grey in the movie version of Fifty Shades of Grey. It saddens me to know that they gave the said judgement just because he became true to himself.

I have read the book and it is really one of my favorites. I'm really excited to  watch the movie version of it. I've imagine several actors who will be able to play the role of the famous Christian Grey. There are several actors that matches the description of Christian Grey not only by physical appearance but also by the roles that they have previously portrayed in several movies or tv series. I believe that Matt Bomer is one of the best candidates. I've watch him play the role of the intelligent, disturbed, pained, in love and angry Neal Caffrey who always wear and looks good in a suit. There are parts in the book that described Christian Grey as being quiet and short for words and communicate with a subtle expression from his face that sometimes is unreadable.

If you're worried about the sex scenes, I don't think that there will be a problem for that since I saw Matt Bomer striptease in Magic Mike and was on top of a girl on a stretcher while it was carried out of the stage. 

People should give him a break. I haven't even heard him confirming that he would like to play the part. He's an actor and it is the actors job to make us believe the part or character that he is playing. It is their job to capture us and relate to us the kind of person his character is. It doesn't matter if he is so open with his sexuality, because what really matters is who he is supposed to be in the movie.

After hearing some comments that he can't play the role as Christian Grey because he was so open with his sexuality, I was disappointed -- even angry to the point that I really want him to play the role of Christian Grey just to show those judgmental people that being a good actor is not measured by the someones' honesty about his sexuality but how well he could portray the character that was given to him. Remember that once he portray Christian Grey he will be a disturbed billionaire with a dark past who struggles between his beliefs and being in control against the woman he fell in love with who opened a part of him that he himself did not know. Once he plays that role what we would be seeing is not Matt Bomer who is happy for who he is and who love his family more than anything. What we will be seeing is a hot attractive billionaire who had a dark past. Just like him, Neil Patrick Harris is open as well and yet he portray the role of a womanizer in How I met Your mother so good that I never thought that he was gay while he was Barney Stinson. He was so good that he even irritates me sometimes not because I know that he was gay, but because he was so believable. 

I guess what I really want to say is to give Matt Bomer a chance. I know there are a lot of candidates and I hope that sexual preference isn't one of their criteria in choosing the actor who will best portray the disturbed billionaire Christian Grey. I know that there are still a lot of smart people out there who has an open mind and understand that a great movie is the type of movie that captures your attention from the moment that you sat in the theater and even makes you stay a little longer because you want more.

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